Toronto Dance Life company presents professional stage shows. Our spectacular shows offer a choreographed program, fantastic colorful costumes and a combination of various dance styles. Stage shows are done by dance couples, a dance group (6-10 dancers), as well as circus artists.
Available professional stage shows:

“Cabaret show”


“Carnival show”

Carnival show includes variety dance and acrobatics stage styles. It is spectacular and colorful professional show in carnival style. 50 min duration, by 8 artists.


Carnival show program:

1. Samba of Carnival   2. Acrobatics   3. Carnival Ribbon   4. Eastern Fantasy carnival   5. Carnival Country dance   6. Afro Carnival   7. Afro Fabric (Air gymnast)   8. Sword belly dance   9. Rumba  10. Carnival Hoop (Air gymnast)   11. Can can  Carnival 12. Final of Carnival show

“The Fairytale show”

“The Fairytale show”. Professional stage show in Toronto. Duration 40 min, 8 artists are in the show. “The Fairytale show” will immerse you in a world of magic.


Fairytale show programe:

1. Intro   2. Waltz   3. Cha-cha-cha   4. Eastern dance   5. Arabian dance   6. Jive   7. Belly dance   8. Russian dance   9. Air gymnast on fabric   10. Paso doble   11. Gypsy dance