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Unique Aerial Entertainment party Ontario.

Private party dance Entertainment. Toronto. Ontario.

Dec 2019 Entertainment group Ontario. Country dance.

Party Entertainment team Toronto.

Ready for 2020 New Year Stage Show.

Aerial gymnast performance. New Entertainment Toronto 2020.

Silks gymnasts show.

娛樂活動。 拉斯維加斯的女孩。

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Dancers for 2020 Show.

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Dance show 2020

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New Year Entertainment Dance Show.

New Year Entertainment Dance Show

Las Vegas dancers Toronto.

Las Vegas dancers Toronto

Wedding entertainment.

Wedding entertainment

Eastern and Belly dance performance Toronto.

Eastern and Belly dance performance with wings

Brazilian Samba performance Toronto.

Brazilian samba girl

Toronto entertainment Christmas and New Year.

Wild dance performance

Christmas and New year entertainment.

Las Vegas dancers Toronto

Our beautiful Las Vegas Showgirls.

Las Vegas Showgirls

Break dance performance Toronto.

Break dance performance Toronto

Ballroom dance show. Toronto, Christmas party entertainment.

Ballroom dance show Toronto, Christmas party

Aurora Santa Claus parade 2016.

aurora santa claus parade 2016

Great gatsby costume Christmas performance.

Great Gatsby show performance

Martini giant glass / Champagne glass performance.

Giant Martini Glass Performer/ Champagne Glass

Aerial hoop bartending.

Aerial hoop bartending

Christmas entertainment Performance.

Christmas entertainment program

Performance at a college.

Gypsy super dance

Break dance performance Toronto.

Break dance performance Toronto

Disco dance performance. Party time.

Disco dance performance

Las Vegas dancers Toronto.

Las Vegas dancers Toronto

Russian dance performance Toronto.

Russian dance performance Toronto

Waltz dance. Wedding Entertainment.

Waltz dance. Wedding Entertainment Toronto.

Tango dance performance.

Tango dance performance Toronto

Eastern Acro Dance show.

Eastern Dance Show Toronto

New Year performance Toronto.

Afro fance. New Year performance Toronto.

Can can dance Moulin rouge program Toronto.

French Can can Toronto.

Aerial performance Toronto.

Aerial performance Toronto

Ballet performance Toronto.

Ballet performance Toronto

Las Vegas Entertainment Show.

Las Vegas Entertainment Show Toronto

Belly dance show Toronto.

Belly dance show Toronto

Life entertainment Toronto.

Life entertainment Toronto

Russian dance performance Toronto.

Russian dance performance Toronto

Martini giant glass performance.

Martini giant glass performance

Dance show. Toronto.

Dance show Toronto

Gymnastics on a dance floor.

Gymnastics on a dance floor

Aerial couple performance.

Aerial couple performance

French Can Can show at Seneca College International Day.

French Can can

Burlesque champagne giant glass show.

Burlesque champagne giant glass show

Las Vegas girls.

Las Vegas girls

Acro dancers.

Acro dancers

Dance lifts and tricks.

Dance lifts and tricks

Club dance. Toronto.

Club dance Toronto

Afro dance performance. Chinese New Year Markham.

Afro dance Toronto

Jewish dance. Vaughan.

Jewish dance Toronto

Caribbean show. Brampton.

Caribbean show

Solo dance. North York.

Roma solo

Roma dance at Seneca College Event.

Gypsy dance at Seneca College Event

Disco dance. Woodbridge.

Disco dance

Bollywood dance performance. Brampton Banquet hall.

Bollywood dance performance

Giant Burlesque Champagne Glass performance.

Giant Burlesque Champagne Glass performance

Rhythmic gymnastics performance. North York.

Rythmic gymnastics performance

Acrobatic duet performance.

Acrobatic duet performance

Professional stage show. Toronto.

Professional stage show Toronto

White Antre. Opening dance. Markham.

White Antre dance

Great Gatsby Dance show. Scarborough.

Great Gatsby Dance show

Costumes show. Halloween Toronto.

Costumes show

Aerial couple show.

Aerial couple show

Moulin Rouge dance show. National Banquet Hall.

Moulin Rouge show

Ballroom dance couple. Toronto.

Ballroom dance couple

Cabaret dance show.

Cabaret dance show

Belly dance with LED wings.

Bellydance with LED wings

Dance tricks.

Dance tricks Toronto

Circus performance Toronto.

Circus performance

Folk dance on a Russian event.

Russian dance Toronto

Dance Mix show. Toronto.

Dance Mix show Toronto

Aerial Silks performance.

Silks performance Toronto

Great Gatsby dance show.

Great Gatsby Dance

Dance group. Toronto.

Dance group Toronto

Ballet on a dance floor.

Ballet Toronto

Dance of Love. Dance Mix show.

Dance of Love

Tango at a Banquet hall. Toronto.

Tango dance

Lyrical dance.

Lyrical dance

Go go dance. Background on a party.

go go dance

Break dance performance.

break dance

Aerial performance. Toronto.

Aerial performance

Can can dance lifts.

Can can dance Toronto

Rock-n-roll dance. Performance at National banquet hall.

Rock-n-roll dance. Toronto

Acrobatic duet on a stage.

Acrobatic duet

Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year

Bollywood dance performance.

Bollywood dance

Aerial silks Duet. Performance in Canada.

Aerial gymnasts Toronto

Russian dance. “National” banquet hall. Toronto.

Russian dance

Sword dance “National”.

Sword dance Toronto

Afro dance style.

Afro dance

Show stage dance.

Show stage dance

Brazilian carnival show in Toronto

Brazilian carnival dance

Can can dance group. Moulin Rouge show.

Can can dance. Toronto

Red Las Vegas dance, part of a stage show.

Red Las Vegas dance

Halloween show in Toronto.

Halloween show

Belly dance performance.

belly dance

Acro dance in Toronto.

Acro dance

Caribbean show. Toronto.



Can can dance on chinese business congress.  Toronto.


 “Toronto Dance Life” performance on chinese business congress. Toronto.

“Toronto Dance Life” performance on CNE Enternational stage 2014:





Samba brazil. Toronto
Samba brazil. Toronto
Belly dance. Toronto
Belly dance. Toronto
Aerial gymnast on a hoop. Toronto
Aerial gymnast on a hoop. Toronto
Ribbon dance. Toronto
Ribbon dance. Toronto
Aerial gymnast on silks. Toronto
Aerial gymnast on silks. Toronto
Belly dancer. Toronto
Belly dancer. Toronto
Moscow dance. Toronto
Moscow dance. Toronto
Cabaret dance. Toronto
Cabaret dance. Toronto
Jewish dance. Toronto
Jewish dance. Toronto
Acro dance. Toronto
Acro dance. Toronto
Jewish choreography. Toronto
Jewish choreography. Toronto
Spanish dance. Toronto
Spanish dance. Toronto



Can can dance
Can can dance
Ballroom dance
Ballroom dance
Jive dance
Jive dance
Egyptian dance
Egyptian dance
Russian dance
Russian dance
Mix dance
Mix dance
Fans dance
Fans dance
Ballet. Toronto
Ballet. Toronto
Acro dance
Acro dance