Kids party

Hello, fed up of similar and boring offers from party’s organizers?

We would like to offer you entertainment programs for children ages 2 to 12. Our  goal is to make every birthday a special and unforgettable kids party for  you and your children. Starting from Games, Face painting, Balloon Creation or Mini Disco we can perform spectacular show at the end of the kids party.

Game service for kids party:

Animators, Face painting, Balloon Creation, Mini Disco, Games, Magic show.

Kids party Animator – one who organizes funny games, funny atmosphere, organized leisure and helps make your kids party is not boring.

Kids party Games – active games for agility, quickness, intelligence and competitions with additional items (balls, blocks, hoops, jump ropes, etc.) (15-25 minutes)

Kids party Mini Disco – special dance program for teaching children dance. Funny dance in which participates children. Specially selected kids party music. (15-25 minutes)

Kids party Face painting – face painting quickly flushing paint. Beautiful masks and designs on the face delivered unforgettable pleasure for kids and adults.

Kids party Balloon Creation –there are various funny figures from colored long balloons (colors, guns, dogs, jewelry, etc.)

Kids party Magic show – interesting and funny tricks that can created by clowns or a professional magician.

Choice of performances: Dance programs, Circus programs or Special Clowns.

It can be unusual and memorable kids party you have ever made.