Stage shows

We are Toronto Dance Life, a professional entertainment company that provides shows for different public and private events. In addition to the exceptional cuisine and environment, we would like to offer you the opportunity to treat your guests to an exclusive spectacular performance.

Our show program consists of experienced acrobats, dancers, circus performers, and other entertainment artists who can create routines that will specifically suit your clients and atmosphere, as well as benefit your establishment.

Bright costumes and exciting music make the shows thrilling and memorable to watch.  If you are interested in our services please see our contact information. Below, we have provided some preview material of our most popular shows. Please enjoy!

Available professional stage shows:

“The Fairytale show”

 8 people, 40 min show duration
Professional show entertainment in Toronto


The Fairytale show program:

1. Intro
2. Waltz
3. Cha-cha-cha
4. Eastern dance
5. Arabian dance
6. Jive
7. Belly dance
8. Russian dance
9. Air gymnast on fabric
10. Paso doble
11. Gypsy dance 

“El Carnaval show”

   8 people, 50 min show duration
The best dance show in Toronto

El Carnaval show program:

1. Samba of Carnaval
2. Acrobatics (Japan)
3. Ribbon dance
4. Eastern Fantasy
5. Country dance
6. Afro dance
7. Afro Fabric (Air gymnast)
8. Sword belly dance
9. Rumba
10. Hoop (Air gymnast)
11. Can can
12. Final of Carnaval

“Treetopia” – circus show

8-10 people, 45 min show duration
Circus show in Toronto


Treetopia show program:

1. Clown act
2. Acrobatics
3. Russian bar
4. Air gymnast on a hoop
5. Clown act
6. Air gymnasts on a ball
7. Girl with hula hoops
8. Group acrobatics
9. Air gymnast on a fabric
10. Couple acrobatics
11. Dance trapeze
12. Final

“Toy Box” – circus show

8-15 people, 45 min show duration
Circus show in Toronto


Toy Box show program:

1. Clown act
2. Dancing dolls
3. Air gymnast on a rope
4. Three air gymnasts on fabrics
5. Clown act
6. Two air gymnasts on hoops
+ one on dance trapeze
7. Acrobatics
8. Aerial silks (3 girls)
9. Clown act
10. Acro duet
11. Final

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